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Debut of AnswerGrid
posted on Friday, December 19, 2008 | Permalink ( # )

For the past six months, we have been working on a new project and today is the day. We are happy to announce our newest project, called AnswerGrid, or AG in short.

What is AG?

AnswerGrid is an expert system, developed by Ziemantics, LLC. Expert systems are artificial intelligence applications. They are designed to answer questions about specific topics that they are trained on.

As its name suggests, AnswerGrid is designed to answer your questions asked in natural language, but it is not like a search engine that presents the list of webpages related to your query. Instead, it gives exact answer in natural language.

What it can do

At its current stage, it is far from being finished, because it has very limited knowledge of the world and it cannot even keep conversation going and remember what you say. To begin with, we chosed the "geography" domain and trained our system on the World FactBook databased published by CIA. This database contains various types of fact-based information about each country in the world

Since we are more focused on making the whole pipeline work as a first step, it is not at its full strenght. It can only answer limited number of questions in geography domain at this point. Such as "What is the capital of France" or "Which european country has the highest unemployment rate".

The future of AG

We are at the very begining of this. By making its debut today, we finished the first milestone. As a second milestone, in upcoming months, we will be implementing new reasoning and representation techniques to improve its capabilities. Maybe more importantly, we like to improve its conversation skills.

And as we go on, we like to model more domains in addition to geography, such as medical, financial and other fact-based scientific domains to prove that our system works on any domain.

To sum up,

At its current level, AG is only a proving ground to show that our preliminary design works. We believe even it has a very limited capacity today, as we improve its design, it will be much more powerful and useful tool for you. We hope you enjoy your time with it and make use of it even with its limited capacity.

So, please visit and ask your geography question. And if you like to learn more about AG and track its development, subscribe to its blog.

Have a good holiday season,

Debut of; social network for free speech
posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

We are very happy to introduce our brand new project. RunningTalks platform, or RT in short, is a free speech platform and free public service being developed by Ziemantics LLC.

RunningTalks platform enables people to share their opinions about talk subjects created by people themselves. People record and post their comments in audio on existing running talks via tools provided by the RunningTalks platform itself.

While everybody can browse running talks and listen to others' opinion, but only registered users can post their comments on existing running talks and create their own running talks to ask people's opinion about anything they can come up with.

Components of RunningTalks Platform

RunningTalks platform consists of a website and a software application, called RTClient. In order to browse running talks, create new ones and post your comments, you can use both the website and the client since they provide same functions.

Our software application RTClient is used for accessing RunningTalks platform remotely from your desktop, so that you don't have to use any web browser. You can also use RTClient without having to sign up. It also provides some customization settings. Unfortunately, RTClient runs only on Windows machines.


We believe, RunningTalks platform has a very important role with ambitious goals to accomplish. Today social networks are the most convenient grounds for socialization and collaboration among people on the Internet and combining free speech act with the social networking concept is yet another untaken step on the Internet.

While embarking on that road, we have these goals in our minds:

  • Helping people share their experience
  • Being a platform for free speech
  • Providing innovative and fast user experience
  • Being a testbed for our future web-based applications
  • As we keep this platform up and running and more and more people start to make use of it, we will determine more specific goals for better and faster user experience.

    Support RunningTalks Platform

    We believe RunningTalks Platform will attrack many people from all countries around the world. Everybody will try to make use of the platform as much as possible by posting their comments and asking peoples' opinions. More people means more different opinions to listen to. We hope every member of this community help us spread the word so that everybody can get chance to say something about things happening around us.

    To support RT, we recommend you to share your own running talks with your friends, readers and listeners and let them comment on your talks. RT is especially good platform for brainstorming, so inform as much people as possible about your talks and let them brainstorm.

    Currently, RunningTalks platform is funded by donations of its community members and revenue of other projects developed at the Ziemantics Labs. We strongly recommend you to donate or purchase our products Ziepod+ or Zietag and help us afford the expenses of our servers and the bandwidth. Your donations will come back to you as new features and fast access.

    All in all

    Please visit and get into the platform. We hope you enjoy your time there and express yourself freely. RT is at the BETA stage so please report any anomaly you can find thru our feedback panel. And don't hesitate to add your suggestions as well. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts about RT.

    Have a nice day,

    Our next "Big" project
    posted on Monday, September 17, 2007 | Permalink ( # )

    As we mentioned before, at the Ziemantics Labs, we are at the final stages of a brand new web-based project. It is a free speech platform, enabling people to share their opinions on talk subjects which are created by people themselves. It has a really interesting and futuristic user interface, which is based on a combination of flash and AJAX techonologies. And above all, it will be a free service.

    Like to be a tester?

    We are still putting the final touches and hopefully within this week we will be starting its alpha test. And we are looking for volunteers for that test. Since we designed and developed the whole project from scratch (including Apache-like server itself and a specialized software application for remote access), we like to test it with as much people as possible to see how it performs under heavy load.

    If you like to become a tester, you just need to leave your email address thru [ this form ]. We will contact you when alpha test is ready for testing. Keep in mind that we will use your email address only for that purpose, since the project itself has its own test drivers email list that you can subscribe to if you like.

    New project is the most interesting and unique of all

    If you find Newzie unique and appealing, we want you to consider participating in our alpha tests and get a sneak preview of our next big project before everybody else. It is based on a very simple concept but what makes it interesting and powerful is that it provides such features that you can very easily share and reach content in the platform. Hope you like it.

    Besides, this new project includes a subproject which allows people to translate its visual components into languages other than English so that anybody from around the world will be able to make use of it. Since we will use that subproject to translate Newzie in upcoming months, we hope you give us a feedback on that before starting to use it for Newzie.

    Hope you want to be a tester and help us test our new project before its public debut. In return, we will give you a "present", which involves yet another new project from the Ziemantics to be released at the end of this year--"hopefully".

    Thanks in advance for your interest.

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