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Newzie: Reborned with the version 0.99.5
posted on Tuesday, April 4, 2006
SUMMARY [ We went back to the drawing board to design the perfect news aggregator for you. Considering nothing is perfect in our lives, our extreme makeover puts Newzie into a new level, much closer to the perfection. Literally, reborned! Not only complete redesign but also new features of Newzie enhance the experience you can get from the Blogosphere. ]

Today we are updating Newzie to version 0.99.5 (BETA). Even though it is called an update, we went back to drawing board and redesigned it from scratch, all to make Newzie more easy-to-use and user friendly.

Why complete redesign?

First of all, we got lots of feedbacks on what people want in terms of functionality and user interface. We have to say, it is very hard to put every feature that our users want. It is like a packing lots of things into a small luggage. Ok, maybe not that hard.

Secondly, we got more experienced as we developed new software applications like Ziepod and ZieTag. This is important because every application has its own set of features and designing how to put them together makes us think differently in various aspects, which brings variety, which brings experience in creativity.

Based on all, we saw the *failing points* of the Newzie and decided to go back to drawing board and made an extreme makeover, like in the reality shows.

What is new?

Even for those of you who previously experienced Newzie, this new one will look like a brand new application that you haven't seen anywhere on the Internet. We believe that you will get use to it in a very short time.

Other than redesign of the user interface, we added couple of neat and very important features.

As we also pointed out in our revised "Mission" statement, our goal is to let you subscribe to as much feed as you like. On that way, we created unique features such as Bulk Channels and On-fly Subscriptions Filtering.

Bulk channels are artificial channels, which are used to combine many feeds into one big feed inside Newzie. This enables you to subscribe to many feeds via one bulk channel and treat them as one feed.

On fly subscription filtering is another unique feature coming with the Newzie. We believe this is a very very important feature because it helps you manage high numbers of feeds by enabling you to reach the feeds you like to reach quickly. For example by using this feature, you can get list of your subscriptions which have been updated within the last hour or only those feeds that have 'yahoo' in their title, as in the case of the screenshot shown above.

In other words, you don't have to crawl inside the tree hierarchy to find the feed you're looking for.

To sum up, every new and updated feature of Newzie helps you manage more feeds and publication load. Our goal is to create an environment where you can manage 1000 feeds as easy as managing 50 feeds. We are sure that future versions of Newzie will accomplish that goal

What is removed?

Unfortunately, new design also forced us to exclude some of the existing features of former Newzie, such as calendar and enclosure-download support. Primary reason is that it is hard to put everything into a one package, which makes the program more complicated and, hence, hard-to-use.

All in All

We believe this update is a very important for people who like to use news aggregators in their daily lifes. Because it not only provides functionality, but also makes you enjoy your time.

It's just like a perfect meal; its smell and taste give you the pleasure, while its ingredients make you more powerful.

Bon Appétit!

To learn more about this release, please follow the links given below:

Best wishes,

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