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Version 0.99.9 of Newzie released
posted on Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On the way to the 'Version One', we are at 0.99.9 and this release includes one of the most important milestones in the devolopment cycles of Newzie as it is now a portable application, which means that you can carry your Newzie along with your portable storage medium, such as an USB hard drive, and use it in any windows machine you come accross.

Other than this neat portability feature, this release also includes security enhancements, various performance improvements to let you subscribe to more feeds by using less system resources, and a new way of viewing retrieved content. And, of course, there are things that we extracted as well, namely bugs. We squashed many bugs, including the one that preventing Newzie running on new Windows Vista OS, and we are grateful for our dedicated Newzie users who reported those anomalies and helped us detect them. Many thanks goes to these people.

Before getting into the detail, we like to thank to everybody who shared their experience with us and sent feedback and suggestions to make Newzie better. Since we are mostly focused on reaching to the 'Version One', new features may not answer your requests but we sure have a long list of features waiting to be added after the 'Version One'

Below, we briefly touched on the concepts behind this release and a short note about the version 1.0:

Neat portability feature

By making use of new portability feature, you will be able to stay connected to your favorite feeds from any computer you can find. What can you do with portable Newzie? Here are what we had in mind while developing this feature:

1) If you have multiple computers and a flash disk or some medium that you can keep your Newzie stored inside and play it from there, then you don't need to install your Newzie for each computer you have. Just keep it on the storage medium and then run it from any Windows-based computer you can find.

2) If you are formating your computer or simply want to backup your data for any case, you can copy all Newzie environment into another place and use it whenever you want without losing a bit of information.

3) You can install Newzie for each windows account on your computer or even keep multiple instances in one account. Both cannot be done with previous versions.

Keep in mind that we prepared a tutorial about things you need to consider and be aware of before starting to use this neat feature. Check [ How-to: Portability ] tutorial to learn more.

Security enhancements

Feeds you subscribe to may lead to security issues if some fancy scripts are embedded into the content. Based on this fact, we included a new feature to the Newzie package. New version checks retrieved content for thousands of cases that may lead to security issues and removes them if there is any. Hence, you should feel more secure while using this latest version.

Title bar and Two-column content listing

Till the newest version, Newzie is very good at presenting retrieved content in html-based pages but not that much good at showing them in conventional listing like your email client lists your emails. New title bar and two-column listing mode will fill that lack and enable you to access retrieved posts in better and easier way than ever.

Shown above, new Title Bar is located at the top of listed posts and shows the title of focused feed along with filter options at the right handside of the bar. By using these, you will be able focus on specific type of posts, such as listing just new posts or flagged ones. That type of selective view allows you to reach what you want to see quickly.

Another new feature is the two-column view of listed posts. While this new view lists more posts in more compact way, as it uses the whole panel vertically to show the content of focused post, in most of the cases you don't need to scroll down to see the whole content of that focused post. as can be seen in the sample screenshot above.

While approaching to the Version 1.0

This release is especially important to make Newzie more bug-free and stable before getting to the 'Version 1.0' We removed many bugs in all shapes and sizes as you can tell by checking the raw release notes of this release. We will release couple of more clearance-oriented releases before releasing the version 1.0.

At this point, your feedback is the most valuable information for us. Do you know that you can send your feedback in a second by using Newzie? Just use 'ALT+F' key combination (which is a new keyboard shortcut coming with the new release) to access 'Newzie Feedback Window' and enter your feedback before clicking 'Send' button. Send whatever message you like to say and we will answer your questions and welcome your suggestions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

To learn more about this release and download the latest Newzie release, use the links below. If you already have Newzie installed, make sure that you first uninstall your existing one and then reinstall the new one. Keep in mind that you will not loose any information during this process. To learn more about how to upgrade, we strongly recommend you to check the 'Upgrade Instructions' .

Have a smooth ride with the newest Newzie

  • Upgrade Instructions (recommended)
  • Download Newzie version 0.99.9
  • Read release notes for Newzie version 0.99.9
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