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Newzie project became a part of the Ziemantics LLC
posted on Friday, August 31, 2007

It is a great honour and joy to announce that Newzie project became the part of the Ziemantics LLC along with our other projects as of now. Ziemantics LLC, the company, was found in the August of 2007 in Delaware by Arda Celebi, who is a computer engineer and the lead developer of the Newzie project, as well as Ziepod,, and Zietag projects developed at the Ziemantics Labs.

We believe being a part of a company means a lot. Like every company, Ziemantics has high goals to accomplish, in order to provide you the best. Newzie will be part of that plan and will gain strength from every part of this new born company.

We like you to visit to learn more about Ziemantics LLC and our goals. Hope you like the vision we have in mind and support our company by mentioning it to your friends, readers and listeners.

In addition to this great announcement, we have one more in line. We are about to release a brand new project next week, which will be the fifth active project developed by Ziemantics and will be the biggest of all projects. Wanna hint? It is a web-based platform where people can share their thoughts and ideas with everybody in such a way that you may have never seen it before. It will be a free public service and everybody can make use of it. Sure, it will be the first of its kind on the Internet. Hope you like it.

What about Newzie? At the Ziemantics Labs, we are currently at the design stage of a web-based news reader, which we will hook it up with Newzie. We believe it will be a great project on its own and power up the Newzie project.

Have a great weekend,

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